A Little Side Project

Hey Guys!

I know in my last blog post I mentioned that my next project was going to be a Harry Potter C2C pillow, but I’ve been suffering from some brutal headaches the past few days. I have started the pillow and already have fourteen rows done, but it’s one of those projects that require extreme concentration and focus and unfortunately headaches aren’t conducive to that. I’ve still wanted to craft though, so I picked up a little side project that was super quick and really didn’t require much concentration at all. It was actually relaxing and helped with my headache!

So without further ado…

Harry Potter scarf key chains!

I also made NAU and Cardinals ones since I do live in AZ… (I think some Red Sox and Patriots ones are up next!) 😉


These are super easy and quick to  make! The only thing that I’m going to change when I make them to sell is to add single crochet around the sides so they look more even and finished. But that’s not a hard change at all. I think for my first attempt and nursing a headache, they didn’t turn out too terribly.

So if you’re interested in giving them a shot yourself… here’s what you need:

  • 3/4 inch D-rings (I found these in the ‘Notions’ aisle at my local craft store).
  • Key-rings, I went with the smaller size, 25mm,that way it wouldn’t look too garish with the smaller D-ring.
  • Scrap yarn, anything will do. If you choose a bulky yarn, just expect it to be wider and longer, so you may want to adjust the pattern to compensate for that.
  • Crochet hook. I used a H hook, 5.0mm, because I didn’t want my stitches to be too big. You can do the same or you can look at your yarn and see what the recommended hook is and make your best judgement. Don’t stress, you’ll be able to tell if you’re using too big of a hook once you start working the pattern and since it works up super quickly, if you have to take it out and start over, it’s not a big deal.
  • Oh and of course you’ll need the pattern! She even includes a video of how to make it. The hardest part for me at first was carrying over the yarn and getting these funky looking stripes. The video is at a fast pace so I was getting a little frustrated and had to keep rewinding it and ended up watching it a bunch of times. By the end, I was really sick of the Harry Potter music that was in the video! But, I persevered. The trick is to bring it to the front and carry it with you and work it into the stitches.


So, I hope you enjoyed my cute little scarf key chains. They really don’t take more than 10-15 minutes to make and the color combinations are endless. These will be available on my store once it’s open and customization will be available so you can always carry a little scarf around of your favorite series, school, or sports team.


Happy hooking! 🙂


C2C Heart Pillow

Hi Guys!

After a few hectic days of running errands and everyday tasks, I’ve finally had some time to craft. So I embarked on my first ever C2C project! C2C is great for graphgans (afghans made from one giant graph or multiple smaller ones). It gives a great personalized touch to blankets or pillows.

C2c or Corner to Corner is a super easy technique. Don’t be intimidated when you first look at it. Trust me, it really is easy. I watched a couple of Youtube videos that probably didn’t amount to more than 20 minutes and I figured it out on my first try! Here are some videos that I watched that really helped me out.

Basic C2C – She teaches you the basics of C2C in what I think is a very helpful manner. She explains how to get started, how to continue to increase, how to change color, and how to decrease. Really really helpful!

C2C pillow – This video shows you how to make a C2C pillow from start to finish and it is by my favorite guy, Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. He’s really super! He has a TON of videos on Youtube and is just super at explaining how to do things. He’s incredibly thorough and patient and you will be able to crochet anything after watching his videos!

Changing Colors C2C – This video teaches you how to change colors within a C2C graph. This is a huge thing if you’re going to follow a graph. If you’re just doing the straight C2C and only changing colors every now and then, just cut your yarn and weave in the ends.

So I had a couple of spare pillow forms laying around and decided to try and make a pillow. I found a heart graph from All Crafts Channel. Here’s the link. She was kind enough to make and share her graph. Now that being said, she does NOT explain how to make the graph which is a little frustrating but I figured it out after a few bumps and bruises. I was working along just as she had written out and looking at the graph and my design started not to look right. Well turns out I didn’t fully understand her “work in direction of arrows” instructions. Not to worry though, I quickly corrected my errors and from there it was smooth sailing!

She does have two videos of her working the graph, explaining how to do the basics like increase, decrease, and change color. She also explains a little bit on how to read the graph. So I will include those.

Heart C2C Video 1

Heart C2C Video 2


So after I figured out what I was going to make and how to do so, I started and finished it in two days! I got a little distracted with some more errand running and cleaning (With two little troublemaking kittens, it never seems to end!) I finished the heart in a few hours on the first day and then the second day the back which is just a single color came along even faster. I apologize for not taking pictures as I was working but it has been extremely rainy which means there isn’t any good natural lighting (It’s Monsoon Season here) and I was working late at night because it seems sometimes that’s the only time where it’s peaceful enough to craft.


So here’s a list of everything I used.

  • 12 inch pillow form
  • H or 5.0 mm hook
  • 2 skeins of leftover yarn ( I want to take a minute here to explain something. I used two different colors but I needed to make them into bobbins or multiple balls of yarn so I could change colors without having to fasten off each time and having a million little ends to weave in. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, please see the above listed videos where I included the video about changing colors and also the heart video itself, she explains changing colors as well.)
  • Scissors
  • Graph and pencil/pen


Alright, so here’s the final results!

The front:

The back:


So I hope you enjoyed my little heart project! Once I make it to the post office sometime this week and figure out how to ship my products in the most efficient and cost effective manner, my shop will be open and this little beauty will be available for sale!

Stay tuned for my next blog. I will be making a C2C Harry Potter pillow! This time I will try and take more pictures :).